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December 02, 2020

Remember, when Jesus boiled his whole mission down to healing the brokenhearted and setting prisoners free from darkness, he was referring to all of us. Our modern, scientific, Enlightenment worldview has simply removed spiritual warfare as a...


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School During Quarantine

Navigating the challenges of virtual school from home is hard on both kids and parents. Jamie and Morgan join John to swap stories of mistakes made and lessons learned in these...

186 | Storms & Shelter #4: Relationships

Some storms are beyond our control. But the ones that hit hardest are often relational storms of our own making. Sam and Blaine reveal how to prevent the turbulence that often...

070: The Body Keeps the Score, with Cherie Snyder

It’s my joy to lean into the years of trauma-informed story work that my wife, Cherie, has explored for two decades. May this conversation be one more step for all of us toward...

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Partnering to Advance Jesus' Story

October 27, 2020

Dear Friends, I’d like to remind everyone that Jesus is still the main story in the world. If you’re taking in any news at all, you can feel like the world is unraveling into madness. Certainly here... READ MORE

Staci Eldredge

Stepping Away

October 25, 2020

I’ve come away for a respite.  Just a day.  Just a little distance.  I’m finding it hard to unplug. Had I stayed home, though, I would have found it near impossible.  There is the stack of bills that... READ MORE

Morgan Snyder

Anxiety to Peace [video]

November 30, 2020

“It is profound how different our experiences can be inside our own skin. When it comes to sensations in the body, we are not on a level playing field. To love and be loved, to know and be known, it’... READ MORE

Bart Hansen

Paul Lavelle: A Hero for the Kingdom

August 21, 2019

So much of what is cool about Wild at Heart is the ministry that spins off of what Wild at Heart does. In the spirit of that, I want to tell a story about Paul Lavelle, who attended a Wild at Heart... READ MORE